The BPLA newsletter is a quarterly publication that features the latest news, trends, and topics in IP law, as well as news and information about the Association, its events, and its members. The content is typically written by our distinguished members.
Our latest issue
Welcome to the latest Edition of our 2017 Newsletter! The Boston Patent Law Association (BPLA) is having an active and exciting year. As noted in the President’s letter, the Annual Dinner to Honor the Federal Judiciary, honoring Hon. Arthur J. Gajarsa, was a great success, and you can check out the photos in this issue. Through the Patent Pro Bono program, the BPLA assisted famed bow maker Benoît Rolland, and you can read a very interesting article and interview about their experience. Of course, the BPLA is not all work and no play, and the social aspect of our organization was well-represented by the Chemical Patent Practice Committee at a beer tasting event, also described in this issue. ".