The BPLA newsletter is a quarterly publication that features the latest news, trends, and topics in IP law, as well as news and information about the Association, its events, and its members. The content is typically written by our distinguished members.
Our latest issue
Welcome to the fourth and final BPLA newsletter issue for 2017! This has been a great year for the BPLA, as you can see, for example, from the BPLA Committee Report in this issue. In addition, our Invented Here! event was a big success, and you can check out the article and pictures in this issue. The BPLA was also active in filing amicus briefs this year, and you can read an article regarding the BPLA Oil States brief, along with an in-depth article about the case. In other BPLA news, this issue contains proposed BPLA by-Law changes and the Minutes from last year’s Annual Meeting for your review.