Volume 49, Issue 2
President's Message
Already our members have taken my encouragement to provide excellent programming through collaboration to heart. During a single week in April, I was able to attend a program jointly planned by the Federal Circuit Bar Association, BPLA Immediate Past President Monica Grewal, and Susan Barbieri Montgomery of Northeastern University School of Law’s Center for Law, Innovation, and Creativity (CLIC) where useful insights from the collective wisdom of The Honorable Judge Lourie, Judge O’Toole, and Chief Judge Ruschke2, Jason Fiorillo of Analog Devices, and Brian McCaslin of Sanofi were shared, and a program jointly planned by our newly-created International Trade Commission Committee, the ITC Trial Lawyers Association, and Suffolk University Law School where practitioners learned about Section 337 best practices and recent developments, ITC jurisdiction, and insider advice about how to navigate enforcing IP rights via U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
Other collaborations in April have involved BPLA President-Elect Deirdre Sanders, Clara Jimenez of the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA), Stephen Chow of the Licensing Executive Society, and David Olson of Boston College Law School’s Program on Innovation and Entrepreneurship hosting an event for World IP Day, and our Copyright Law Committee working with the Boston Bar Association to host a survey of music law, which makes the attribution of this quarter’s leading collaboration quote particularly apropos.
Speaking of that quote, I imagine many of our readers have a particular fondness for LEGO® bricks. While some of the new, less “brick-like” pieces that come with various kits to build particular structures are nice, for me nothing beats a classic starter pack of LEGO® bricks. Or if you are getting creative, you can follow the lead of Professor Anastasios John Hart and graduate student Crystal Owens and modify classic LEGO® bricks for an entirely different, but also useful, purpose, such as to provide precise, modular microfluidic devices. Just as Ricky Reed sees each new artist with whom he works as a new LEGO® brick with which he can build a new sound, providing endless possibilities for the resulting collaborative, creative works, I hope each of our members is seizing opportunities in their personal and professional lives to build with the varied LEGO® bricks at our disposal (e.g., other members, members of other organizations, parents of children’s classmates, neighbors), working collaboratively on shared endeavors, leading to results that have endless possibilities.
“every collaboration with a new person is like when you take a bin of lego® [bricks]1 and dump them on the floor. all of the pieces to work with are right there. a floor full of lego® [bricks] is full of possibilities.”
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