Volume 47, Issue 3
Each year, the Boston Patent Law Association honors the judges who make our intellectual property system work. On June 1, at the Moakley Courthouse, the BPLA once again honored the men and women who wear the robes and work tirelessly to help make our system of justice better. For at least one night, the lawyers were not yelling at the judges, and the judges were not yelling at the lawyers.
Annual Dinner to Honor the Federal Judiciary an Evening Enjoyed by the Bench, Bar, and Guests
This year, the BPLA honored
Circuit Judge Kimberly A. Moore
of the
United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
. Also in attendance from the Federal Circuit were Judges
Raymond C. Clevenger, III
Timothy B. Dyk
Arthur J. Gajarsa
(Ret.), 2011 BPLA Public Service Award Recipient
Alan D. Lourie
, and
Jimmie V. Reyna

From the District of Massachusetts, the BPLA hosted District Judges
Allison D. Burroug
Edward F. Harrington
Nathaniel M. Gorton
, 2009 BPLA Public Service Award Recipient
Richard G. Stearns
, and 2010 BPLA Public Service Award Recipient
Rya W. Zobel
, as well as Magistrate Judge
Donald L. Cabell
. The keynote speaker was
Benjamin Roin
, Assistant Professor of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management at
MIT’s Sloan School of Management
. Professor Roin’s research focuses on innovation policy, intellectual property, and entrepreneurship. He spoke about patent law from the perspective of entrepreneurs. Professor Roin’s theory is that patents, rather than being too strong, as many academics posit, are actually not strong enough. He took as an example patent protection for cancer drugs. Given the way that the validity analysis works, patent law (as well as the FDA regulatory process) encourages the development of late stage cancer drugs for terminal patients while discouraging the development of drugs for early stage cancer patients who might be cured. If the law could be amended to change the validity analysis (e.g., by placing a time limit on how far back a defendant can reach to find prior art), perhaps there would be more incentive to develop the early stage drugs. President
Erik Belt
then presented the
annual BPLA Distinguished Public Service Award
to Judge Moore. President Belt noted Judge Moore’s contributions to patent law, both as a law professor and currently as a jurist. Judge Moore has drawn from her
engineering background to apply empirical analysis and a passion for the law to the legal issues of the day. Judge Moore than spoke eloquently about her colleagues on the bench, several of whom are entitled to take retirement and a generous pension but, out of love of their work and a commitment to the country, continue to serve on the bench (essentially for free) and contribute to the law. The BPLA applauds all of the judges for their dedication to public service.
2009 BPLA Distinguished Public Service Award Recipient, The Honorable Richard G. Stearns, The Honorable Timothy B. Dyk, The Honorable Raymond C. Clevenger, III, 2016 BPLA Distinguished Public Service Award Recipient, The Honorable Kimberly A. Moore, The Honorable Jimmie V. Reyna, 2011 BPLA Distinguished Public Service Award Recipient, The Honorable Alan D. Lourie, and The Honorable Edward F. Harrington.
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Annual Dinner to Honor the Federal Judiciary an Evening Enjoyed by the Bench, Bar, and Guests
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