The alliance between Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston, Inc., the United States Patent Office, and the Boston Patent Law Association has been a boon for the New England innovation community. This partnership ultimately resulted in the 2015 creation of the Patent Pro Bono Program of New England, the USPTO-sponsored regional patent pro bono legal service provider. The Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston and the Boston Patent Law Association administer the program, which serves inventors in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. The USPTO issued the first patent prosecuted through the program on August 8, 2017, approximately fifteen months from its filing date. The patent was granted to inventor, musician, business manager, and Harvard undergrad, Raymond RM Wang. In addition to founding Sustainable Youth Canada, an environmental non-profit, Mr. Wang regularly engages audiences of 5,000 people or more in his speaking engagements. According to Mr. Wang:
Volume 49, Issue 4