The Boston Patent Law Association’s Board of Governors recommends the following amendment to the membership provision of the BPLA’s by-laws, Article X. The amendment updates the current list of standing committees. This proposed by-law was forwarded to the membership on November 6, 2017. The proposed amendment, which the Board will present to the membership for a vote at the 2017 BPLA Annual Meeting on December 7, 2017, is shown in redline below:
The Chairpersons of the standing committees of the Association shall be appointed by the President-Elect subject to approval of the Board of Governors no later than the meeting of the Board immediately preceding the Annual Meeting. Each standing committee shall have one or more Chairpersons. Appointments of the Chairpersons will be announced at the Annual Meeting, at which time their terms shall commence. The Chairpersons shall serve (1) for not more than three years or (2) until their successors shall have been appointed by the President.
The standing committees of the Association shall be as follows:
Proposed BPLA By-law Amendment
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2017 Ⓒ Boston Patent Law Association
Volume 48, Issue 4
1. Committee on Activities and Public Relations
2. Committee on AIPLA Moot Court
Special committees may be appointed from time to time by the President.
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Table of Contents
Message from the President Monica Grewal
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The Amendment of Trademark Law in Indonesia
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Deleted Teachings and Incorporation by Reference
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Save the Date: BPLA Annual Meeting
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The Constitutionality of Inter Partes Review Is Before the Supreme Court
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Invented Here! 2017 Recognition Event
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BPLA Committee Report
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Members On The Move
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The Federal Circuit Confirms a Return to Restrictive Patent Venue Requirements
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Officers and Board of Governors
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In memoriam of Stanley Abkowitz
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What Reviving the TTIP Agreement Could Mean for the Future of Geographical Indications
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The use of Applicant Admitted Prior Art in IPR Petitions
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Situations When Written Opinions of Counsel Could Spare You a Patent-Related Headache
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Job Listings
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Community Calendar
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Save the Date: Case Law Committee Meeting
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Message from the Editor-in-Chief
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Proposed BPLA By-law Amendment
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Minutes of the 2016 BPLA Annual Meeting
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The BPLA Files Amicus Curiae Brief in Oil States Energy Services, LLC v. Greene’s Energy Group, LLC, et al.
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3. Committee on Amicus, Legislation, and Rules
4. Committee on Antitrust
5. Committee on Biotechnology
6. Committee on Business & Marketplace
7. Committee on Case Law
68. Committee on Chemical Patent Practice
9. Committee on Computer Law
810. Committee on Contested Matters
911. Committee on Copyright Law
12. Committee on Ethics and Grievances
1113. Committee on In-House Practice
1214. Committee on International and Foreign Practice
1315. Committee on Invented Here!
16. Committee on Law School
17. Committee on Licensing
1418. Committee on Litigation
1519. Committee on Medical Devices
1620. Committee on New Lawyers, and
Law Students, Patent Agents & Technology Specialists
1721. Committee on Patent Law
1822. Committee on Patent Office Practice
1923. Committee on Pro Bono
2024. Committee on Trademark and Unfair Competition
25. Committee on Trade Secrets Law