Volume 50, Issue 3
Message from the Editor-in-Chief
Daniel Young
Dear Colleagues,
In this edition, we provide a recap of our annual Judges Dinner, which was held in June at the Moakley Courthouse and honored U.S. District Court Judge George A. O’Toole, Jr. with the BPLAs 2019 Distinguished Public Service Award.  We provide a recap of our well-attended summer rooftop outing overlooking Boston Harbor at the Envoy Hotel.  We also report on committee activities, including the Case Law and In House committees, and share guest posts from colleagues abroad with updates on new procedural changes at the EPO and patentability of diagnostic methods in Australia.  In addition, this edition includes announcements concerning upcoming events, members on the move, and other matters of interest to our membership. We thank our contributors for their time and attention to enriching this Newsletter. Further thanks to BPLA administrator, Constance Brennan, and the staff of Readz for their collective efforts in producing this edition.
Daniel Young
2019 Ⓒ Boston Patent Law Association
Table of Contents
Message from the President Deirdre Sanders
Members on the Move
Job listings
Inhouse Meeting on Practical Measures for Protecting Trade Secrets
Summer Outing Rooftop Party
Patent Holders, Protect Your IP with These Tips on Patent Term Adjustment
Community Calendar
Message from the Editor-in-Chief
Boston Patent Law Association Judges Dinner Honors The Honorable George A. O’Toole, Jr. and Draws Over 200 in the Patent Law Community.
Patent Seekers. The Patent Searchers.
Case Law: Google v Oracle
2019 BPLA Annual Meeting - SAVE THE DATE!
Umass Club Join Today!
Officers and Board of Governors
New Rules of Procedure at the EPO Boards of Appeal – what does this mean for patentees and opponents?
Sequenom v Ariosa: Methods of diagnosis held patentable in Australia
Life Sciences IP Due Diligence Summit
Strategies For Patenting AI Innovations In Life Sciences